Bistro 1847

Having lived in Manchester for two years, I see it as my second home. Earlier this year in June, I returned to Manchester to sit for my DPSI examination and to visit some of my friends. When I lived in Manchester, I was still an occasional meat-eater, so when I went back this time, I was at a complete loss as to where to find veggie food! So my friend Dennis did some Internet sleuthing and found Bistro 1847, a vegetarian bistro & bar. Located at 58 Mosley Street, the entrance is actually on Booth Street. That’s why my friends and I walked right past the bistro the first time and were walking in circles in an area we were so familiar with! Within walking distance from Picadilly Gardens, walk along Mosley Street and you’ll pass RBS on your right and The Bank on your left. Keep walking until you arrive at the junction between Mosley Street and Booth Street. You should see the Manchester Art Gallery on your left, and Bistro 1847 will be on your right.

My friends and I arrived later in the afternoon to avoid the lunch crowd, but several other diners were still there even though it was past the lunch peak hour. I like the large glass panels which allow natural light to illuminate the space. The tables were also appropriately spaced out so you don’t feel like you’re sharing a meal with the strangers sitting next to you. There was a lovely mix of diners too – families, couples, young and the elderly.

For our starters, we ordered the Chef’s taster, which was a selection of 3 starters. I think the first was a cheddar cake, followed by pumpkin soup and bruschetta. The cheddar cake and bruschetta were okay, but what pleased me most was the pumpkin soup. A pity the portions were a bit on the small side, though.

For the mains, we ordered the aubergine schnitzel, tofu fish and chips and mille feuille. I didn’t try the tofu fish and chips, but the mille feuille and aubergine schnitzel tasted really good. The vegetables were fresh and lightly seasoned, and the texture of the sauce was just perfect. The great thing about Bistro 1847 is that they also provide dishes with vegan option and gluten free option, so any special dietary requirements can easily be catered to.

The staff who served our table was lovely too. She was all smiles and was patient when we told a long time to decide on what to order. After our meal, we asked her to take a photo for us and she had a chat with me about my camera after that.

It isn’t often I find vegetarian food which is prepared with innovation and attention to details. I’ve had way too many mushroom aglio olios and salads, but Bistro 1847 offers many more interesting vegetarian meals which are a delight to the taste buds. I’ll be sure to return when I drop by Manchester again!

Bistro 1847
58 Moslet Street
M2 3HZ
0161 236 1811


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