Spain, 2010 (Part 1)

I’ve been digging up some old travel photos and journals lately. They brought back a lot of fond memories, and I’m reminded of all the people I’ve met along the way. So here’s some of it…

It was April 2010. England was cold and grey as ever, so we left for Spain instead. We played ping pong at the hostel in Barcelona. Later that evening, we went to the beach on foot. It was dark and there wasn’t anyone else around. We brought a bag of oranges to eat as we did somersaults in the sand.

Valencia was a beautiful experience. In the day we were tourists, taking photos of the Cathedral,  eavesdropping on tour guides and eating paella while sipping on sangria. By night we sang at the top of our voices with the three guys who were sharing the room in the hostel. They were on a roadtrip from Barcelona but their car got broken into and everything was stolen, so they had to find a hostel. Take a bow and start singing. Hide the tins and vodka under the bed. We don’t want to get kicked out with fresh poultry in a plastic bag. Halfway around the world, I found someone who listens to Billie the Vision & The Dancers too. If you start playing Radiohead on the guitar, one of us will open that window and jump right out. He only sings the songs he knows. But don’t we all.

Valencia says goodnight, but Barcelona is still awake and we are still the passengers. la la la la lalalala.

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