More on food waste

More discussion on food waste on theguardian today: Why do we still waste so much food at home?

From the comments,

“The whole system of supermarkets is flawed – they don’t work. The idea of transporting large quantities of food to a large warehouse, which thousands of people then drive to to collect is disturbing. When the system is massively inefficient, the consumers of that system see no issue in being wasteful. The faux “packed shelves” of the supermarket system, burgeoning with shite food – 90% of which comes from about 10 suppliers (unilever etc etc.) draws in the customer. The known tricks of packaging to get the purchaser to buy the “now even chocolatier chocolate” or the huge bargain of “33% extra free”, move the person away from the product’s quality – in fact product quality seems to be derived entirely from a product’s brand these days; insane, given that most people would have no idea from where the core ingredients came. Added together, we now have a public that are so far removed from the process of food creation, that they have no idea what they’re eating, where it came from, the energy used in its production, or even what’s in it – in short, we’re a nation of food illiterates. If you don’t understand the process, then the waste won’t be a concern.”

“We are a family of 5 and I made the decision to stop using supermarkets about two years ago. We now source all of our food from farmers markets and veg box schemes (we live in London so I know we are lucky to have so many markets). Supermarket shopping is a hard habit to break, but with the extra effort required to procure all of our food and the fact that markets aren’t open all the time mean that we hardly waste any food at all. Also, we don’t actually spend any more than we used to – but now the quality is so much better, I actually know where all of our food comes from and I prefer giving money directly to the suppliers rather than to supermarkets.”


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