Rennet in cheese

Did you know that most cheeses are not vegetarian??

Being a relatively new vegetarian, this is news to me. And because I don’t speak very fluent French, even when I was learning to make goat’s cheese in France, I had no idea that the enzyme used in cheese-making contains rennet, which is made from the stomachs of animals. I’ve been feeling awful about it all day. 😦 I haven’t had time to find out more about rennet in cheese, but what I’ve got so far is that hard cheeses contain rennet, and kosher cheese and paneer cheese are rennet-free. With the environment and sustainability being my biggest motive for becoming vegetarian, this shouldn’t be a big concern for me. But ethically-wise – and it’s hard to ignore the ethical aspect of the meat industry – this makes me really upset.

Nevertheless, one of the comments below the article says, “When I know that something is created by killing an animal I will stop using it. I will do what I can to educate myself. I won’t [sic] lose any sleep over accidently consuming the ‘wrong’ thing.” Indeed, we shouldn’t beat ourselves up for something we didn’t know. That makes me feel slightly better, but I guess it’s time to wean myself off cheeses from now on!


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