Leading with humility

“Meet José Mujica. He may look like your average farmer or grandfather, but he is anything but. This man is globally known as the world’s “poorest President” because he lives a life of humility… all while leading the country of Uruguay. As a man who truly cares about his people, he doesn’t take an obscene amount of money to just act as a politician. He donates about 90% of his $12,000 monthly salary to charities that benefit poor people and small entrepreneurs.”

Have you read this article about Uruguay’s president? Politics and ideals aside (because apart from Uruguay’s recent decision to legalise the sale of marijuana, I know next to nothing about their country), their president sounds like a gem! According to the article, “he actually is a part-time farmer. He and his wife also grow and sell flowers. He also drives a 1987 Volkswagon Beetle.”

ALSO. “He only has two guards positioned on his road. Along with his beloved 3-legged dog Manuela, of course.”

He came from a humble background and worked his way up, gaining popularity for his model of administration and voice which resonates with that of the common people. He also has a professional background in agriculture, so perhaps that explains his “part-time farmer” lifestyle.

Here’s a picture of him scratching his head, with his dog Manuela in the background.


How cute is this man??

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