Some updates

I haven’t been updating my blog because I was away for the last month! I attended the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) 10th Conference of Youth (COY10) and 20th Conference of Parties (COP20) held in Lima, Peru. The conferences lasted two weeks and I went on to travel around Latin America for another two weeks.

It’s the holiday season but work is still trickling in at the moment, so I will try my best to write about what has been going on the last four weeks when I have some time to spare. In the mean time, I will be reblogging some articles I wrote about climate change and COY10/COP20. I also have an article that will be published on Farming First soon. Will put up a link when it’s live. 😀

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

La Maison Jaune

Certains d’entre vous savent que j’ai fait du WWOOFing Ă  la Maison Jaune Ă  Quirbajou (PyrĂ©nĂ©es audoises) l’étĂ© dernier. CrĂ©Ă©e en 2009 en mĂȘme temps que notre exploitation agricole, la Maison Jaune Ă  Quirbajou, affiliĂ©e au rĂ©seau Accueil Paysan depuis 2010 (n°1147) offre un accueil simple et chaleureux aux randonneurs et touristes. Elle dispose actuellement de deux chambres d’hĂŽtes (7 couchages), d’un gĂźte d’étape (6 couchages) et propose une table paysanne (15 convives maxi).

Malheureusement, maintenant, mes hĂŽtes ont un problĂšme: la poursuite de leur activitĂ© d’accueil est suspendue Ă  la vente du gĂźte qu’ils gĂ©raient depuis 4 ans mais qui ne leur appartenait pas.

Les propriĂ©taires leur font un prix d’amis mais ils n’ont vraiment pas les moyens de l’acheter. Donc ils ont une idĂ©e de vendre par anticipation des sĂ©jours pour rĂ©unir la somme nĂ©cessaire. Et du coup ils se lancent et vous proposent une souscription qui pourrait vous amener Ă  venir les voir dans les 5 prochaines annĂ©es Ă  des tarifs prĂ©fĂ©rentiels et les amener, à sortir de la situation difficile dans laquelle ils se trouvent.

Si vous, votre famille ou vos amis envisagez d’une destination pour les vacances d’étĂ©, peut-ĂȘtre vous pouvez envisager Quirbajou ! Et peut-ĂȘtre je vais vous y voir aussi. 🙂

Je ne profite pas de cette proposition, mais je veux juste aider mes hĂŽtes et mes amis. Si vous avez besoin de prĂ©cisions ou si quelque chose vous arrĂȘte, n’hĂ©sitez pas Ă  les appeler au 04 68 20 18 86 (HR). Merci beaucoup!

La Maison Jaune
8 rue du DĂ©piquage

Take time to breathe

(Plan b, Bangsar Village 1, Kuala Lumpur)

I scheduled a wee break from work last week and took the coach up to Kuala Lumpur to pay a friend a visit. We were flat mates in Manchester and it was like old times – lying in bed, chatting and laughing so hard our stomachs hurt.

There wasn’t an itinerary planned out for my trip. All I wanted was to relax and take time to breathe. I finished a book in two days (Monsoon Rain and Icicle Drops, by Libby Southwell. Good read, especially if you’ve taken to travelling after losing a loved one. I could relate to it), sipped tea while enjoying the silence, had a slow lunch and did some window shopping. We went for Bikram Yoga, talked for hours about horrifying Malaysian crime stories, politics, travelling and image crafting, went for 2-hour massages and eavesdropped on conversations at lunch.

I didn’t do anything in particular that I couldn’t otherwise do back home, but it was lovely to be in a city so much like my own, except without the constant packed-like-sardine crowd and the noise. When I go on a break or travel, I try my best to disconnect digitally. I find myself not tempted to check my phone for work emails and social network notifications…and that is so liberating! I also had the opportunity to think about some decisions I need to make about work and life in general.

This quote came up while I was there:

“Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from” – Seth Godin

Worth a thought, hmm? More on this next time.