Food garden

I have been volunteering with a local urban farming group and I’ve worked on two rooftop gardens so far. It’s a steep learning curve, but I’m having a fantastic time. It’s great to be working with people who also dream of having their own farms and don’t need any explanations when it comes to words like WWOOFing, permaculture, compost and mulch. They’re a lovely bunch of people to work with and it’s so fulfilling to see our final products. I’ve gained a new tan (again) and hopefully a bit more muscles.

A greener Singapore

So something exciting is happening soon – the MND Budget!

I’ve been slow in catching up with the latest news, but after following the Ministry of National Development’s Facebook page for the last two days, I have to say I’m so pleased with what they are proposing. One of the initiatives that caught my eye is community garden. According to MND, “HDB will set aside space at all new multi-storey carparks rooftops and equip them with planter beds and irrigation systems to facilitate community farming.” What a lovely idea! Even though deforestation and destruction of natural habitats are still happening in order to make way for more commercial and residential buildings, this initiative would allow us to give back to nature. Hopefully individuals living in the community will be allowed to participate in farming. Community-supported agriculture has been a welcomed model of agriculture and food distribution and many countries like the UK, France and Australia, and I hope that Singapore will slowly catch on!

And then…there’s NONG, a project which is part of the Edible Gardens’s “Grow Your Own Food” movement. They’re already ahead of the Budget as they have a rooftop garden at the carpark of People’s Park Complex!

I’ve yet to pay them a visit, but hopefully I can make my way down soon. I’d love to be a part of this brilliant project!

It’s really lovely to hear about so many exciting things that are going on in Singapore this year. Coming home two years ago after spending several years travelling, living and experiencing sustainable lifestyles abroad really dampened my mood as I struggled to find an equivalence here. But reading up on these initiatives has given me a new ray of hope. Let’s keep up the good work!